Conference Tracks

Food and Agriculture: Subsidies/ Economic barriers to small farmers, how do you do sustainable farming

Panel 1: Globalization, Subsidies, Agri Bus and our Food System

Panel 2: Farmers, Sustainability, and the Future of Farming

Panel 3: People’s Particiation: Jobs, Economy, Sustainable Communities and the Environment

Shifting Our Political Power: An in depth look at access, corporate influence, and viable solutions for a more just system

Panel 1: PowerShift! From Whom and to Whom?

Panel 2: Corporate Personhood

Panel 3: What Does Democracy Look Like?

Energy: dirty fossil fuels, renewables, and efficiency

The fossil fuel status quo presents an unsustainable future; it will not last. We must transform our energy infrastructure. This track addresses roadblocks and solutions to a clean, sustainable energy framework. Coal, oil, and natural gas are still the dominant sources of energy for our civilization. A powerful industry surrounds these limited resources. It is important to keep a watchful eye on their activities and raise our voices against irresponsible and unjust practices. We must also encourage energy innovation; with collaboration between business, technology, and policy sectors. Simultaneously, we should work to reduce our energy footprint. Simple habits go a long way and identifying effective incentives is a solid way to affect change.

Panel 1: Fossil Fuels and Environmental Justice

Panel 2: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Panel 3: The Future of Ocean, Wind, Solar, and the Energy Industry

Building our MOVEment: Envisioning a transportation system for our future

Panel 1:Sustainable Land Use

Panel 2: Bikeability

Panel 3: High Speed Rail